Gebrochene Buntstifte färben sich immer noch. Zitat # 269

Gebrochene Buntstifte färben sich immer noch. Zitat # 269 – Motivierende Zitate, tiefe Zitate, Liebeszitate, Um von Zitaten zu leben, inspirierende Zitate, positive Zitate, über Stärkezitate, Lebenszitate, Vertrauenszitate, glückliche Zitate, Erfolgszitate, Glaubenszitate, Ermutigungszitate, Weisheitszitate / …

Once the “New Vision for Education” (2015) Record (translated in to Turkish) prepared by the World Economic Forum and Boston Visiting Party; firstly, it would appear that these skills are collected under three headings. In addition, it’s easy to believe that many abilities, which are very unique characteristics, were examined within the range of 21st century ability just at basic credentials level in a very recent period.

According to the report, the skills of the 21st century are generally stated in the following three headings.

1- Skills: How simple skills are placed on tasks in lifestyle are examined in that context. Put simply; fundamental awareness degree of pupils and the capacity to use and convert this infrastructure in everyday life.

2- Competencies: In that topic, how pupils method complicated tasks and how they act is discussed.

3-Character Qualities: In the name of identity faculties, there’s an method that individuals may say completely in the event of essential recognition needs that stick out for each individual today. Quite simply, the capacities of students regarding change administration, and how they respond to changing settings and problems, how to look at change and how and how these situations could be managed get importance here.

On another hand, whenever we go through the qualitative features under each of these main games, it is understood that every subject includes a various number of features.


1.1- Verbal Literacy

1.2-Digital Literacy

1.3-Scientific Literacy

1.4-ICT (BIT) Literacy

1.5-Financial Literacy

1.6-Cultural Literacy


2.1-Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

2.2 Innovative

2.3 Contact

2.4 Co

Figure Properties

3.1-Being Interested

3.2-Initiative / Initiative

4.3 Balance / Longevity



4.6-Social and National Recognition

21st Century Skills

Today, let us take a look at what each of the sixteen abilities in three areas means shortly:

1. Verbal Literacy: Capacity to read, understand and use written language.

2. Precise Literacy: An power to use figures and other icons to know and express quantitative relationships.

3. Scientific Literacy: An capacity to comprehend the surroundings and test hypotheses applying clinical information and principles.

4. ICT (BIT) Literacy: Ability to get and reveal information, answer issues, communicate with different Persons, and use and develop technology-based content, including computer programming.

5. Financial Literacy: An power to know and apply the conceptual and mathematical top features of fund in practice.

6. Ethnic Literacy: Power to understand, recognize, analyze and use humanitarian knowledge.

7. Important Considering / Problem Fixing: An capacity to recognize, analyze and consider circumstances, a few ideas and information to create responses and solutions.

8. Imagination: The capability to think and build new, innovative methods to deal with problems, answer issues or make sense, through the application form, synthesis or sell of information.

9. Connection: Power to hear, understand, transfer and produce situation through verbal, nonverbal, visual and published methods.

10. Cooperation: The capability to perform towards a common purpose, including the capacity to reduce and handle struggle in a team.

11. Being Interested: The ability to question issues and demonstrate open-mindedness and curiosity.

12. Taking Effort / Project: The capability and desire to proactively accomplish a fresh task or goal.

13. Security / Resilience: Being able to maintain fascination and effort and anticipate completing an activity or goal.

14. Flexibility: To be able to modify plans, strategies, opinions or targets in the light of new information.

15. Management: The power & ability to steer and stimulate others to accomplish a standard goal.

16. Cultural and Ethnic Understanding: Ability to interact with other Persons in a social, national and moral way.

It meets the shape of provisions. Most of all, for each one of these sixteen abilities of the century we’re in, it is necessary to have ongoing understanding skills which are power and natural sources.

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